LynxOr Global

Scientific Excel

Charity Excel was originally conceptualised for the purpose of helping charities in the United Kingdom adopt a more strategic approach to spending and procurement, save money, increase efficiency and support veterans from the Armed Forces. 

After meetings with national leaders within the Third Sector it was determined that many, if not most, charities struggle to gain access to suppliers for the complete spectrum of products and services needed to successfully deliver their mission statements – hence Charity Excel was born. 

Our consultants are all educated to a minimum of Masters Degree, with most holding Ph.D.s in the scientific disciplines of either physics, astrophysics, engineering, computer science or associated fields.

LynxOr Global maintains close professional relationships with university departments, research councils, learned societies, research organisations (private and government) throughout the globe. These relationships ensure LynxOr Global are positioned to provide the highest level of scientific consultancy in our areas of expertise to our clients. 

The LynxOr Global Team are members of a wide number of learned societies and organisations including:

The Institute of Physics

The Royal Astronomical Society

The Royal Aeronautical Society

The Canadian Association of Physicists

The Institute of Information Technology (British Computing Society)

The Royal Statistical Society

The British Interplanetary Society

The Royal Institute for the Advancement of Science

The British Astronomical Association