LynxOr Global

LynxOr Property

LynxOr Global are committed to delivering for our shareholders both in terms of capital gains and yearly dividends at sustainable rates (in excess of returns currently achievable from non-FTSE investment portfolios, savings accounts and ISAs).

Our investment approach is aligned to increase wealth over the long-term – inter generational wealth creation. Our board of directors are committed to ensuring our balance sheet, as well as our liquidity, are as strong as possible and grow sustainably over time.

A significant component of our long-term investment strategy is the acquisition of income producing properties within the Commonwealth, initially in Canada, and the United States of America. Locations and properties will be determined exclusively on the immediate positive cashflow of the properties, the ability to increase equity over both the short and long term.

LynxOr Global have dedicated significant resources to understanding the income producing property market in specific locations within North America, and have developed strategic relationships within each to insure the near passive acquisition, improvement and running of our future property portfolio.

The investment approach taken by LynxOr Global has ensured we have the relationships in place with the leading property consultants, property managers, financiers, and professional service providers (legal and accounting) within our target locations. This will ensure a seamless methodology to identifying, acquiring and managing our investment property portfolio.

By engaging leading industry professionals LynxOr Global have developed an investment methodology that will allow us to generate significant capital appreciation, due to leverage financing, and ensuring the most efficient tax structures.

LynxOr Property will be launched during the second half of 2020, with an expectation of acquisition of initial property before the close of the year.