Equity Investments

Investment Strategy

LynxOr Global’s investment strategy is unique within our industry sector and is designed to build customer confidence, build long term business relationships, empower businesses to reach their full potential independent of their stage of growth and bring long term value.

To best add value and achieve our strategic objectives, we focus on investment opportunities within our sectors of interest.  These include civil aerospace and defence, information and communications technology, renewable energy; emerging technologies; and, professional and corporate services.

We seek to target our support towards companies across the growth spectrum, from start-up, to early- and up to expansion-stage companies.  The common denominator being companies with strong and dedicated founders and management teams with strategic ambitions to whom we can leverage our extensive expertise and international networks in support of.

Whilst there is no one ‘typical’ investment, we are particularly interested in supporting companies who are on a high growth trajectory with the potential to achieve an increase in valuation of between x10 and x20 over a three to five year period.

Our strategic investment approach is centered around Management Buy-In (MBI), utilising a combination of cash, convertible debt and non-monetary equity stakes thereby aligning our risk and reward profile with that of the management teams and founders whose companies we invest in. 

Reflecting our long-term investment goals and the strategic nature of our support, we often seek representation at Board level on a case-by-case basis