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Equity Portfolio

LynxOr Globals is an active private investor in UK private companies within the aerospace & defence; information & communication technology; renewable energy; and emerging technologies sectors at the startup, national growth, and international expansion phases of development. LynxOr support entrepreneurial businesses with their funding requirements, with a primary focus on empowering company founders to achieve their full potential without suffering significant dilution.

LynxOr’s current equity portfolio includes:

ADR Technology Limited

Sector: Information & Communication Technologies (Big Data)
Equity Acquisition: 2019
Website: www.ADRdata.online

ADR Technology Limited is an emerging digital marketing and big data company formed in 2019 by its founder Samuel Virgo, specifically to simultaneously provide a auxiliary income stream to individuals and families; and provide an unbiased and reliable advertising platform.

Smallspark Space Systems Limited

Sector: Aerospace & Defence
Equity Acquisition: 2020
Website: www.Smallspark.space

Smallspark is a multi-award-winning UK company headquartered in Cardiff, and deeply embedded in the UK space sector. The technology for their products was born out of an idea developed by Smallspark founder Joe Ward while at Cardiff University, and the company has stayed true to its UK-roots.

In the naming of their products, they always seek to honour a UK based artist, engineer or scientist who we believe deserves more recognition, and we hope to continue this tradition long into the future. Our launch services (Frost Micro, Frost 1) are named after unknown Welsh aviator William Frost, and our AI design tool MooreAI is named after British sculptor Henry Moore.

Smallspark rockets will be built in Britain, and the company are working to put in place sustainable, and ethical supply chains which we can rely on, and which give back to our communities. Smallspark will continue to do their part to promote STEM awareness and uptake, and they regularly go into schools and colleges to share their story,  journey and open the doors for the next generation of scientists and engineers to build on the work they’ve  done.

Pulsar Studios Limited

Sector: Information & Communication Technologies (Software)Equity Acquisition: 2019
Website: www.pulsarstudios.io

Pulsar Studios  was founded with the needs, requirements and aspersions of British registered charities and small-medium sized (SMEs) in mind. These two types of organisations are the backbone of Great Britain; offering employment, high quality products and services, and supporting their communities in times of need or hardship. Pulsar’s Founders Joe Ward and Paul Borrow-Longain envisioned a software, mobile application and web development agency that truly understood the unique requirements of British SMEs and charities, and empowered them to achieve their full potential.

With businesses throughout the United Kingdom having to rapidly evolve towards a digital business model, due significantly because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Pulsar Studios is perfectly positioned to support strong, sustainable and flourishing businesses and charities. Find out how Pulsar can help your Enterprise not only survive, but thrive in 2021 and beyond. Pulsar Studios – Proudly British, supporting the best of British SME’s and charities take full advantage of our new digital economy.

Elettrify Limited

Sector: Transport (electric)
Equity Acquisition: 2021
Website: www.elettrify.com

Elettrify was founded from the realisation that now more than ever, individual mobility is a determining factor in all of our lives.

Pollution and environmental issues are not just a focus of the big cities, last mile trips are not just city issues. Because of the covid-19 we have all understood that acting proactively with regard to public health and the common good is indispensable for life on our planet.

In their own small way, Elettrify want to help prevent another huge problem, global warming. We all live under the same sky and it is our care to nurture a lifestyle that does not interfere with the fragile balance of the Earth’s ecosystem.