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Charity Excel

Charity Excel was originally conceptualised for the purpose of providing cost savings to charities within the United Kingdom supporting veterans from the Armed Forces. After meetings with national leaders within the Third Sector it was determined that many, if not most, charities were struggling to gain access to suppliers for the complete spectrum of products and services needed to successfully deliver their mission statements.

An expanded feasibility study rapidly identified that every charity spoken with in the United Kingdom was negatively effected by access to professional providers, with an interested in servicing the third sector, and offering preferred pricing.

Charity Excel is a nationwide programme specifically designed to positively benefit all 165,000+ registered charities within the United Kingdom, excluding Northern Ireland, in 2020. As an online platform developed by LynxOr Global Limited, provides Third Sector leaders with a reliable place to secure products and services from companies willing to give favourable rates to registered charities. The platform is free to access for all registered charities within the jurisdiction of The Charity Commission (England & Wales) and Scotland. By using Charity Excel charities are able to reduce capital and operating expenses, allowing them to dedicated the savings to advancing their charitable objectives.

Businesses registered on Charity Excel pay a fixed yearly fee and commit to offering preferred rates to registered charities. One hundred percent of the profits from Charity Excel are donated to our non profit partner Terrestres Servo Coronas – TSC.

Charity Excel was launched in the United Kingdom during the first quarter of 2020 and are currently in discussions to rollout the service within Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.